Creme D'or Cremas will be a the Haitian Festival this Saturday May 15, 2010 at the Bayfront Park, Miami, FL. Visit us at our booth for a close encounter.
Creme D’or

Creme D'or is widely used for all type of events. Celebrate with Creme D'or Cremas with your significant other under the blue sky with pleasure...

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Crème D’or Cremas, most popularly known to Haitian as “Kremas in Haitian Creole.” It is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage native to Haiti. The beverage’s recipes vary from person to person with a few differences in ingredients. However, the overall look and taste is similar. The beverage possesses a creamy consistency similar to a thick milkshake and varies from off-white to beige in color. The drink is often served at social events and during the holidays. It is usually consumed along with a sweet pastry or depends on your preferences. The drink is often served cold however it can be served at room temperature. The beverage has become recently marketed in the United States as well as in Europe. One of the popular brands is Crème D’or Cremas.


Do not drink Creme D'or Cremas before running.Creme D'or Cremas is best enjoyed when you relax and having fun; it is not a sport drink. Drink with caution.
Ocean Breeze
Creme D'or Cremas is even more delicious when enjoying with close friends and relaxing for a long while. By the beach, on the sand, close to the beach all are great locations.
Creme D'or Cremas could be addictive due to its delicious
and surprising taste. You maybe tempted to take it with you to places you may not want to. Enjoy Creme D'or Creams Responsibly.
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